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Deterred Income Tax Return

We make income tax return based on the company’s accounting, supposing analytic division of expenditure and yield accounts according to tax criteria. Within this service we do not provide accounting documents examination – only in case of an individual agreement. We focus only on selected specific expenses and yields influencing the tax base. A part of this service is also an reconciliation statement check-up and tax optimisation. The output there is a filled income tax return form, including appendices (a detailed description of particular items in the income tax return) and if necessary, also a written report for the accounting entitynotifying of relevant facts.

The price is set as a fixed tarrif of 6.500 CZK, supposing the job would take half a day. The client can apply for a longer and more thorough check-up in advance. The price then is equivalent to the time spent on it. This service is free for the clients using our auditing services or continuous tax consulting. Representing the client at the tax inspection is not a part of this service.

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