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Continuous Tax Consulting

Continuous tax consulting is provided by phone, fax, e-mail and in form of regular or irregular visits at client´s firm domicile. Advice is given in case of simple enquiries orally, in more difficult cases or in case of client´s interest in writing. We try to answer all clients´enquiries within four week days. If necessary, mainly at the tax inspection we represent the client against the tax administrator.

The price for consulting is about 2.000 CZK per month. We prefer to set fair prices which do not depend on the size of the client company but on their needs. The clients themselves decide the amount of the fixed payment tariff that they want to use. Within the tariff there is a particular number of low-price hours at disposal. Extra hours are charched according to common pricelist. The fixed payment tariff includes possibility of delayed income tax return administration.

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