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Tax consulting

The liable tax consultants at the company are Ing. Jan Šveďuk, licence No.3300 holder, and Ing. Ján Šveďuk, licence No.0686 holder.

Tax consulting belongs to our basic services. We provide individual advice as well as systematic advisory focused on examination of the accuracy of client´s accounts from the tax point of view and focused also on tax and economic optimalization. Our practice includes processing and making income-tax return on prolonged schedule by 30th June (in case of accounting in a calendar year).

We provide 100% liability for possible damage (fine, tax increase, penalty – not for the tax itself) which arose due to administration of our improper advice. Liability is stipulated in the contract on tax consulting. Tax consultants have statutory liability insurance. Presently we have damage liability insurance up to 1 mio CZK.

Tax services can be devided into following products:

Continuous Tax Consulting

Continuous tax consulting is provided by phone, fax, e-mail and in form of regular or irregular visits at client´s firm domicile. Advice is given in case of simple enquiries orally, in more difficult cases or in case of client´s interest in writing. We try to answer all clients´enquiries within four week days. If necessary, mainly at the tax inspection we represent the client against the tax administrator. ...more

Tax Consultant´s Statement

This service is for the clients who need a written tax consultant´s statement concerning selected tax or accounting matters. These can be e.g. acknowledgement of a deductible expense, putting long-term assets to depreciation fund, etc. We are fully liable for this statement. The price is set in proportion to time spent on solving the enquiry; while the tax consultant´s tarrif rate is 500 CZK per 30 min. This service is free for the clients using our auditing services or continuous tax consulting. ...more

Deterred Income Tax Return

We make income tax return based on the company’s accounting, supposing analytic division of expenditure and yield accounts according to tax criteria. Within this service we do not provide accounting documents examination – only in case of an individual agreement. We focus only on selected specific expenses and yields influencing the tax base. A part of this service is also an reconciliation statement check-up and tax optimisation. The output there is a filled income tax return form, including appendices (a detailed description of particular items in the income tax return) and if necessary, also a written report for the accounting entitynotifying of relevant facts. ...more

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