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About the company

PRO AUDIT ZLIN, Ltd. is a dynamic firm which has been working in the field of auditing and tax consulting services for over twenty years. The company team consists of two auditors who are tax consultants at the same time, tax consultant and five commercial college graduated and experienced accountants. Due to these facts we are able to provide suitable tax consulting and economic grounds for each of our clients.

We understand auditing mainly as a service to the client, i.e. the owner of the audited company. We do our best not only to express our view of balance of accounts, but also to participate actively in eliminating problematic parts including their causes, maintaining maximal tax and economic optimalization. The philosophy is that finding all incorrectnesses in accounts is as important as suggesting their solutions.

We struggle therefore for the best cooperation with the client, which would not be possible during just one-time audit. That is why all our clients have free phone and e-mail consulting within any range.We know from our experience that when problems are solved immediately without any usless delay, the audit itself is much easier for us.

We provide audit according to Czech standards as well as according to international accounting standards IFRS (earlier IAS). The price for audit is about 40.000 CZK (in three working days), but the standard period of audit is four working days (one two-day pre-audit within a year and one two-day concluding audit after closing books of accounts). In such a case the price is about 50.000 CZK, depending on travelling expenses and other cash expenses.

Tax consulting belongs to our basic standards. We focus not only on checking correctness of the client´s accounting but also on tax and economic optimalization. We are 100% responsible for our consulting. Our tax consultants attend the clients in regular stipulated intervals fully convenient to the clients´needs.

The price of consulting is about 2.000 CZK per month. We make effort to set fair prices which do not depend on the size of the client company but on their needs. Therefore the clients themselves decide what size of fixed payment tariff they will use. In the range of the tariff (chosen by the client) the clients have particular number of low- price hours at their disposal, the over-limit hours are charged then according to the common price list.

We have launched a complete set of services for our clients. We actively inform them about any changes in legislation by means of bulletins and also e.g. by regular schooling. We know that the more informed the client is, the easier and more effective our work is. That is another reason why all these services are free.

We have been improving our services all the time. We are proud of the fact that we gain 95% of our new clients thanks to positive references from our existing clients. We can be also proud of the fact that for the last ten years none of our clients has left because of dissatisfaction with our work. We appreciate it and consider it as an obligation for the future.

We are looking forward to potential cooperation

Ing. Jan Šveďuk

Executive Head at PRO AUDIT ZLIN, s.r.o.

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