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Auditing services

  Our company is registered at the Chamber of Auditors of the Czech Republic - the licence No.133. Responsible auditor is Ing. Jan Šveďuk, the licence No. 1973 holder. In the field of auditing services our company offers the following products: ...more

Tax consulting

The liable tax consultants at the company are Ing. Jan Šveďuk, licence No.3300 holder, and Ing. Ján Šveďuk, licence No.0686 holder. Tax consulting belongs to our basic services. We provide individual advice as well as systematic advisory focused on examination of the accuracy of client´s accounts from the tax point of view and focused also on tax and economic optimalization. Our practice includes processing and making income-tax return on prolonged schedule by 30th June (in case of accounting in a calendar year). We provide 100% liability for possible damage (fine, tax increase, penalty – not for the tax itself) which arose due to administration of our improper advice. Liability is stipulated in the contract on tax consulting. Tax consultants have statutory liability insurance. Presently we have damage liability insurance up to 1 mio CZK. Tax services can be devided into following products: ...more

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