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Other services

Accounting Administration

In cooperation with our sister companies Dat ekon Zlin, s.r.o. and CMC Service s.r.o. we provide professional administration of accounting and tax evidence for all types of business entities, including entire wage administration. In regular intervals, usually weekly, the clients receive up- to- date information about accounting necessary for ordinary running, mainly sets of payables and receivables (business, tax and other), reports on current business result, statistics, etc. ...more

Establishing, transformation and liquidation of companies

We execute all your matters for you according to the Commercial Code, Act on Administration of Tax and Fees and other valid regulations without bureucratic protraction. We can establish or liquidate your company promptly. We can suggest and implement any transformation of your company (merger, change of form, etc.) in cooperation with a legal office. ...more

Due Dilligence services

We have had long term experience in providing due dilligence services. Within these services we focus not only on correctness of accounting ( expense completness, real income check-up, etc.), but we inform the clients about recognised value of their company, about their assets quality and existence or absence of off-balance potential assets and liabilities. We also inform the clients about a probable trend in development of the checked company incomes and about potential risks. By means of comparative analysis of previous periods, analysis of business transactions within allied entities and by other special proceedings we can find out if the stated value of the company is not overestimated and so we enable our clients to save considerable money in potential acquisition. ...more

The trustee of bankruptcy administration

Our tax consultants passed qualification test for the trustee of bankruptcy with excellent results. If you are not satisfied as creditors with performance of a bankruptcy trustee of a debtor company, you should call a creditors meeting or commitee and choose our consultants. We guarantee to administer bankruptcy proceedings to maximize yours, not the administrator´ s incomes. ...more

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