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Accounting Administration

In cooperation with our sister companies Dat ekon Zlin, s.r.o. and CMC Service s.r.o. we provide professional administration of accounting and tax evidence for all types of business entities, including entire wage administration. In regular intervals, usually weekly, the clients receive up- to- date information about accounting necessary for ordinary running, mainly sets of payables and receivables (business, tax and other), reports on current business result, statistics, etc.

Clients´accounting is administered mainly in the offices of our accounting firms in Zlin, but administration directly in the clients´offices is also possible. As a supplier we use our own accounting software EKONOM, in case of accounting administration in clients´offices we use their accounting software.

Within accounting administration we ensure all outputs according to clients´ needs, special reporting packages and reports. Also transformation of client´s accounting from Czech legislation into accounting according to IRFS international standards is possible.
We provide 100% liability for possible damage caused to clients by incorrect accounting administration or another fault

Price of accountancy depends on the amount of processed documents. More information including pricelists is available on or on

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